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Are you looking for live music for your event? You can book Michel in several formations: As a solo guitarist, as a duo with a violinist, guitarist or singer songwriter, and in several bands. Michel offers a suitable program for each location and type of setting. From jazz to rock to worldmusic. Below you can read more info about the projects. Also guitar lessons are available. Interested?  Read more info here.

Below you can view some video's in which Michel plays the guitar:

Guitar lessons?

Michel offers guitar- and music lessons in Amsterdam. It's also possible to have the lessons at your place or via Skype. Both beginners and more advanced players are welcome.
Motivated students are preffered. Guitar lessons cost 40 eur per hour or 35 in case you'll book weekly lessons.

As a musician, Michel has experience with many genres ranging from rock, pop and blues to flamenco, jazz and world music. Because of this, lessons are dynamic and can be adjusted to your personal wishes and interests. As a guitarist he has mastered both pick and finderstyle techniques, and has intensely studied harmony, scales and rhythm. In case play a different instrument, but have interest in any of those subjects, it is possible to book lessons aswell. Besides the six strings of the guitar, Michel also plays bass guitar and several percussion instruments. 


Your first lesson of 30 minutes is completely free. During this lesson we see what your goals and your level of playing are, and make a personal plan, 


Possibility to book a lesson at your place, in case you are living in Amsterdam


Guitar lessons are paid per month, and given weekly. But you are able to cancel at any time.

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About Michel


Michel de Wit (1989) is a guitarist with a great passion for acoustic guitar music. 
On his sixteenth he exchanged his gaming addiction for this much more intense guitar addiction. Michel plays day and night and besides that he loves to travel. Especially to Asia. But as he says himself: "I don't travel without my guitar. If I'd have to go without my guitar I'd rather not go at all."

Through all the years, Michel has developed an unique and completely own style of playing. His composition- and improvisation style are a mix of flamenco, (gypsy) jazz, classical, blues and several world music genres.

Flamenco jazz blues guitarist

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